TSB-280-B type transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine

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This machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, food, security keys, cosmetics, daily necessities, stationery, playing cards, cigarettes and other industries in a variety of cassette single piece of transparent film automatic packaging, with the packaging finished products can be pasted unpacking easy to pull, and a "three against three improvement" of the function, namely security, moisture, dust; improve product quality, increase product added value and improve the appearance of the product quality decor. Provide supporting devices: A. Automatic unloading device; B. Date printers; C. feeding station.

Product parameters:

Production capacity

20-120 bags / min

Packaging Materials

OPP, BOPP sealing film, thermal viscous cellophane and security Pull


Length 50-150mm wide 30-120mm high 10-45mm

Power supply

220V 50-60Hz

Total power





Length 2320mm × width 860mm × height 1520mm

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