ZH-100P Multifunction automatic horizontal cartoning machine

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ZH-100P Automatic Horizontal Cartoning Machine for bottle used forpacking all shape of bottles and similar good intocartons  includingautomatic leaflet folded, cartons open, feeding, embossing and sealing。etc。 Also can adding hot-glue device extra。 Adopt PLC control and photo~electro to easy to solve troubles。

Main technical parameter:

Electric power AC220V 50HZ moter power 0.75KW
Prduction capacity Rotation speed 50-100b/min
Volume of consumption 120~160L /min (pressure0.5-0.8Mpa)
┃Packing materia Box requirement:250-350g/m2 (according to its dimensions to confirm)
Specifications: Max.Size(LxHxW)200x80x50mm
┃ Leaflet Paper requirement:55-65g/m2
Specifications: Max。Size:240x190mm(LxW)
Overall dimension 4200x1200x1600mm
Weight about l.5tons

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